How can we alter/access storyline variables once a course is loaded into an LMS?


I have a course, it's loaded into an LMS. Being able to use GetPlayer() via a Storyline course is super awesome to help debug and do some custom JS interactions/calculations...but how do I GetPlayer() when the Storyline course is within an LMS...the GetPlayer() method is obviously not on the root window that is launched from the LMS at that point, and LMSs will vary the level for which they wrap the storyline content in window frames...I was just curious if anyone has done this?

Ok, so I might have just answered my own question...looks like you can do something like:

var player = window.frames[0].GetPlayer()

You're mileage may vary...but, I thought I would post so if some wary soul needs it, this is a starting point...

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