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Pranali Chaudhari

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reply. I am working on local drive only and problem of breaking of links occur on the slides that were already in course. I have followed same import process as you mentioned but I face the problem of breaking links only ,

1.when I am working on projects which contains more than 60 slides .

2.and when I am importing same slide(updated with functionality or graphics) which is already present in course.

fortunately in course which contain less number of slides this problem does not occur.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pranali,

So the issue only occurs when the slide count reaches 60+? You also mentioned importing a slide that is already in the project? Is there a reason you need to reimport it? I'd like to have you conduct the repair of Storyline detailed here since it sounds like this is happening on a number of files for you, and if the behavior persists please let us know.