How can we create interactive custom master slide and use this master slide on multiple screens.


I have a requirement to create a interactive master slide and use this master slide in multiple slides. Is that possible i can create functionality in master slide and control to objects in slide.

like i am creating a click and reveal slide. Then i will create functionality in master slide but feedback and images will be in the normal slide. Now i can use this master slide as a template and use it multiple slides and change the content as per requirement.

I have tried to use placeholder. But when i use it, i was put the triggers on placeholders in master slide but when i run the file triggers are not working on the place holder.

Can anybody solve the issues or is there any way to full fill my requirement? Please reply.



Vishal Agarwal

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Matthew Bibby

Yes, this is possible Vishal.

Set up your Master Slide with triggers that listen for a change in variables. For example, if you want something to reveal, set it up so it reveals when a variable changes. Then you can simply trigger the change in variable from a normal slide, which will trigger the change in behaviour on the master slide. 

Does that make sense?

Matthew Bibby

It doesn't take long to set up at all Vishal.

The functionality exists on the master slide and then you use an object on the normal slide as a remote control to trigger the desired behaviour on the master slide.

It's the only way (that I know of) to trigger behaviour on the master slide from a normal slide.


vishal agarwal

Thanks Matthew,

This example is very help full for me. But this is not fullfill my requirement. 

As per this example we put the buttons on normal slides and update the feedback on the master slide. But if i need to put the text on the feedback and use this master on another normal slides then same text is showing on all the slides.

My requirement is i need to change the text on every slide and use only one master slide.

Matthew Bibby

Why can't you use more than one master slide Vishal? That seems like an odd requirement to me - but perhaps I'm not understanding the issue.

So the demo I provided does what you want, but on certain slides you want that object (which in this case represents your feedback) to be hidden? If that is the case, you just need to extend the functionality in that file to drive the desired behaviour.

So you'd need another variable (which controls whether the feedback is hidden or not), some triggers on the master slide to listen for changes in that variable (e.g. when var2 = true, hide object) and triggers on your normal slides that adjust the variable depending on whether or not the feedback should be hidden.

Kyle Mullaney

Matthew, thanks for the example. This is unrelated to Vishal's question. I find it interesting. I am curious though. In what situations can I use this. I find it interesting and want to better understand the application. Can you think of a scenario or two?  I don't need a mock up unless you have one readily available.




Matthew Bibby

Hi Kyle,

Master slides are a great place for objects that you want to appear on every slide, without having to include them on each slide.

So, for example, let say you want to add a custom progress bar to your course. You can add an object to your master slide that has 100 different states (each of which indicate 1% of progress) and control this using the approach described above.

Does that make sense?