How Can You Back Up The Storyline iPad Application Library?

Hi, a question about backing up Storyline iPad Application... I had to restore an iPad and lost all of the programs strored within the Storyline iPad Appliction Library... Some of the programs I downloaded from various sites as samples, and ugh, try to find them later... Tech Service stated that the programs stored within the app are not backed up to iTunes... has anybody else comptemplated this and have you found a work around to protect the Storyline iPad Library from being lost during an iPad restore?

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Dave Schleif

Good afternoon, Alex and thanks so much for your thoughts... I am a bit surprised that programs housed within the Storyline iPad application are not backed up, as a normal course of action. I can see instances where I would like clients to use the iPad as portable learning textbooks, allowing students to bring the device home, complete a course over a period of days, and return the iPad to the company for submission. I can see difficulty explaining to a training leader after populating an group of iPads with training programs, over time... that all resident data was lost, and will need to be re-installed, in the case of inadvertent need to restore the iPad. I did talk with Tech Service, and nope, there is no current way to back up... I was looking for a way to suggest to clients that didn't envolve jailbraking or some other third party software solution. Also, I'm a bit surprised more people don't at least have a concern for this..?

Alexandros Anoyatis

All of your data is located at [Articulate App]/Documents/LocalData in your iPad. This view is similar to what you see at your "My Articulate Projects" folder plus some required device-specific files.

In Articulates' defense, they have as much control over the manipulation of the file system as your average Joe - very little to none. This is down to the nature of the AppStore as well as Apple's iOS security policies. While I do appreciate the refinement of all of the iPad's killer features, there's no denying that by and large, a stock iPad in itself is a pretty limited device.

To be fair though, something like an OTA Dropbox sync of at least the links inside the AMP library could be a solution, although that still would not allow you to share your library list to your peers.

A feature request is usually the way to go in these situations.

Hope this helps,


Dave Schleif

Alex, thanks for all of your thoughts... and yep, I just submitted a feature request to Articulate... And I've got to agree with you about the iPad being a somewhat limited device for authorship, program manipulation and the like... But, I love the iPad as a portable device that could be loaded with learning content, given to a student, and have the student take the iPad home, reviewing the learning content at his/her leisure... I can't imagine having a device loaded with programs that present ideas and ways of solving problems (think of technical service instructions) and not being able to allow accurate back-ups and restore... My thoughts are to use the device as a portable learning device, loaded with how-to's... and yep, it must have the capability to back up... Let's see... A request has been submitted, and as my wife would say... how stable is the iPad as a device... well, really stable, no doubt, but... I'd rather back up and be safe, than have a student loose the data contained within... Again, I am surprised by the lack of dialog on this subject by others...