How can you get screen recordings to be the full size of your slide?

Using the Record Screen capability of SL Ive recorded some system processes. I want to add them as step-by-step slides, however, when I add them they do not fill the full size of the slide even though they've been recorded the same size as the slide? 

There is currently a border at the top and the bottom of the recorded screens. 

Is there a setting I should be using to make the recorded images full sized?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Steven!

I'm happy to help find out why the screen recordings aren't full-size in your course. Which Story Size and Record Screen size are you using? 

I tested this on my end recording a 720x540 piece of my desktop and then imported it onto a slide the same size. Here's a screenshot.

I'm eager to investigate what the culprit is!