How Create a Trigger When Video STARTS

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Is there a trigger for when a video starts?

I have a video on slide, it plays when the user clicks the play button on the video controls. I also have an audio file that plays when the timeline starts.

I have set up an image to help change the state of things. The play button image on the left is set-up with three states, normal, selected, and visited. 

I use the Visited state for a trigger that only allows the learner to swipe next when the video is complete. This trigger is working as expected.

What I want to do is set-up a trigger that when the learner starts the video the audio file stops. This is because if they learner clicks play on the video while the audio file is playing, both play simultaneously. I tried a few options, using triggers for the timeline and the audio file, but none seem to work. You can see below I tried to set-up one to stop the audio when the state of the image is selected but it did not work. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have provide a screen shot below and attached the same image in case it is difficult to read. 

Sample Photo

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Katerina Kmet

I found my own workaround. I put a play and pause button over the existing play button. 

I then made the following triggers:

  • Change the state of Play Button to selected when the user clicks Play Button
  • Stop Audio when the state of Play Button is selected
  • Play video when the user clicks Play Button
  • Change the state of Play Button to Visited when Video Completes (which leads to another trigger allowing them to advance to the next slide)
  • Pause video when user clicks Pause Button

This works, but if anybody has a simpler way of doing it, please share.