How do I add a Transcript to the Storyline Player?

May 09, 2014

Hello Support Team,

Recently we interviewed an eLearning designer for an open position at our company, and she showed my hiring manager an option on the Storyline Player where she added a "Transcript" for the user to view the module script. I have not been able to duplicate this, however. I know you can add a "Notes" tab on the left side with the Menu, and I usually put a "Resources" and "Exit" link to the top right of the player, but I have not seen or been able to create an additional, clickable option to add this "Transcript" option she showed us.

Neither the "Resources" link nor the "Notes" tab will allow me to rename the option, and I see no other way to show the script from the module other than what I've already described. Have you come across this? Do you have any suggestions? We're hoping to use the "Transcript" option for our hearing impaired users, to follow with 508/ADA compliance. Thank you for your time and help.

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Leslie Mosley

Does anyone know how to add a Transcript tab or button to the player screen that would allow participants to download a complete transcript of all audio files that were used in an entire storyline piece rather than screen by screen? I was able to follow Michael's instructions for adding the transcript as a note to each slide and then renaming it, but when I preview the slide, I am not sure how to access the transcript. I'm specifically looking for an easy way for a screen reader to find the transcript from the player screen for accessibility reasons. Hope that makes sense.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leslie,

If you want the user to see the information you placed within the Notes section, you would need to add that as a tab to your player as well and that'll provide the transcript on a slide by slide basis. There isn't a way within Storyline to create a master transcript download file, although you could look at creating this file manually and then linking it as a part of the Resources tab. 

Corey Klein

Just read through your discussion, guys.  Exactly what I've done for the last half dozen courses that I've created in Storyline.  Glad I'm on the same page with you.  I have a couple of related questions today though:

1.  Is there a way to have multiple transcripts available at once?  Why:  I've been asked by an internal  business  partner to create a course for her group in English, but to have separate translated transcripts available in possibly 13 languages!  That way, global users who speak English can utilize the course, but can still simultaneously follow along with a page by page translated transcript in their language on the left panel (just like the one we usually have in English).  When the course starts, they can choose the transcript language that they want and it'll be displayed at left.  Know what I mean?  Can this be done?  (I'd offered the idea of having a separate doc in each language as a reference for them to access, download, or print, but the business would of course rather have synchronized page by page transcripts available).  Rather than have to create 13 courses, I'm wondering if this can be accomplished in one course, but provide the different transcript language options up front.  A colleague told me that Lectora offers this, but I've become a Storyline lover and don't want to have to learn Lectora now.

2.  It seems as though I'm using an older version of Storyline (Update 5:  1505.515).  If I update to your latest version, will it effect my existing Storyline courses on file (especially if/when I need to access them to make updates)?  Will the look, functions, and features be [very] different?

Looking forward to your guidance,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Corey,

1. As for the transcripts if you're looking to put them in the Storyline player notes section, there is only the option for one set up for each slide and you cannot change it based on a trigger. If you were to use a more customized closed captioning set up you could look at including different languages based on a variable. 

2. You can see all the information in regards to the items included in each of the updates here. We're on Storyline 2 Update 7. You will still be able to access the .story files using the latest update, and the items should all be the same with those fixes included - so if you've set up something to work around one of those issues you could always look at adjusting it after the update. 

Hope that helps clarify and feel free to let us know if you need anything else. 

Corey Klein

Thanks for your response, Ashley.  So, just to ensure I understand your comments:

1.  I unfortunately can't really set up the multi-language transcript option that I had hoped to in Storyline.  Correct?

2. If I do the upgrade to Update 7, my existing courses will or won't change?  I'm especially concerned that their formatting / functionality will be altered.  That will be a pain, and I hope that won't be the case.  Let me know.

Thanks again,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Corey,

1. Correct. You'd need to have separate courses or use a custom method of adding the transcript on the slide stage using variables to determine language vs. using the notes section of the player. 

2. As a general rule I'd expect everything to work seamlessly as a part of the update 7. The specifics of your file and set up are where this may differ slightly. As an example, one of the updates was:

  • Added feature to show the player background color and the default notes color in the Storyline notes panel, so content authors can see how their notes will look in their published output. 

This feature was driven by a lot of user feedback about how they previously behaved - but as with any change, some people had gotten used to or preferred the way it was. You may want to review the information here about the notes set up if that is something you are using and had previously set up to behave a certain way. 

The release notes I previously linked to include a note of all the fixes and features so it's worth reviewing that to see how it may impact your course (hopefully for the better). If you're extra hesitant, you can share a copy of your .story file here and myself or a community member can look at publishing it for you using Update 7 - and share a copy of the published output so that you can see how it looks (the same - fingers crossed!). :-) 

Corey Klein

Thank you for that info, Ashley.  A little bummed to hear about that multi-language transcript limitation.  I'll have to see if we can find a workaround to meet my business' needs. 

As far as the idea of testing how the upgrade might impact my existing courses, I'd like to take you up on your offer to share one for testing before I upgrade.   I'd rather not attach it here though.  Please send me your actual email address or email me directly at

Thanks much!   

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elaine!

Do you have a custom player being utilized for the slides where the Notes are missing? You can set the default player for the course, but then you can also customize slides via the slide properties. Perhaps your Notes are not selected there.

If you need us to take a look, feel free to share your .story file.

Tex Hale

Hi Corey

Have you thought about adding each language course into one story file?

You can have an opening slide with buttons for each language, then the learner can select their language. This will take them to the Chapter containing their language course.  It will then show the script in the language chosen.

It might make the file size bigger but it might work for smaller courses.