How do I add a Transcript to the Storyline Player?

May 09, 2014

Hello Support Team,

Recently we interviewed an eLearning designer for an open position at our company, and she showed my hiring manager an option on the Storyline Player where she added a "Transcript" for the user to view the module script. I have not been able to duplicate this, however. I know you can add a "Notes" tab on the left side with the Menu, and I usually put a "Resources" and "Exit" link to the top right of the player, but I have not seen or been able to create an additional, clickable option to add this "Transcript" option she showed us.

Neither the "Resources" link nor the "Notes" tab will allow me to rename the option, and I see no other way to show the script from the module other than what I've already described. Have you come across this? Do you have any suggestions? We're hoping to use the "Transcript" option for our hearing impaired users, to follow with 508/ADA compliance. Thank you for your time and help.

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Corey Klein

Hi Ashley,

It's been a while! Hope you're doing well. Hey, I've hit a brick wall
with a course that I'm currently developing and am hoping you can assist

The course is 90% done - - - just waiting on a few things from the
business that I'll need to add. In the interim, I've been completing
everything that I can in the course on my end. Until I got to the final
assessment (which we call the "Proficiency Certification") today. I just
can't get the scoring feature to work.

The weird part is that I've used a course that I developed and went live a
few months ago as the "template" for the current course. The only big
difference is that course had audio narration and animation, while this
course does not. It's a simpler type of course that we call a "Level 1",
where the learner pretty much just reads and moves forward at their own
pace. No timeline on each page either.

Anyway, I've used this general template for at least a half a dozen
courses (again, those did have voice and animation, but I don't think that
should matter) and the Proficiency Certification has always worked. Now,
something has changed on it's own with the triggers / variables in the new
course and I just can't seem to replicate the settings that I had in the
previous courses. I wonder if it has anything to do with the upgrade to
the latest version. This is the first course that I've developed since
accepting the latest update.

FYI - Here. our passing score is 80%. If the learner gets an 80 or above,
they pass, and can proceed to the final few pages of the course. If they
get below an 80, we have them "Retry the Proficiency Certification". We
allow them unlimited attempts to get an 80 and pass. I just can't seem to
get that "programming" set in this course.

I'm hoping you can advise me. I'd be happy to share the course with you
as well so you can check the settings. Please let me know how we can best
proceed ASAP.

Many thanks, Ashley.

Talk to you soon,
Corey Klein

Corey Klein

Sure, Leslie. Thanks for your fast reply!

I've attached the .story file [where the scoring isn't working] for you to
see. It's for a course called "The Retail Business Simulator Overview."

FYI - I wanted to attach an example of one of my courses where the
Proficiency Certification scoring worked, but due to size limitations, I
can only attach the one to this note. Let me know if you want me to send
you another [working] file in a separate note.

Thanks so much and I look forward to your guidance!

*Corey Klein*
The Training Center of Excellence
Colgate-Palmolive Tech Center
909 River Road, A1-W12
Piscataway, NJ 08854
(732) 878-6530

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Corey,

When you respond via email your signature appears here in the forums and any attachments you tried to include won't come through. You'll need to visit this page and use the "add attachment" at the bottom of the screen to be able to upload it. Also then you can edit your post to remove the signature if needed. 

Corey Klein

Ok, thanks, Ashley.  Let's try it again... 

I've added the attachment for the course with the non-working Proficiency Certification scoring functionality ("The Retail Business Simulator Overview") here as well as one of my courses where it did work before the last updtae ("The GRMS...") in case you want to compare them.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your suggestions.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Corey!

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look.

Are you saying that the score is not reporting? That's what I noticed. It looked like your variables were missing somehow. I duplicated your result slide and deleted the first one and it seems to be working now. Please let me know if I have misunderstood.

Corey Klein

Thanks for your note, Leslie.  Yes.  The Prof Cert score wasn't reporting on the results page nor was the past functionality working.  I intentionally failed and, although it didn't provide my score, it was saying that I passed - - - and allowed me to move forward  (not requiring me to retake and pass the test).  I look forward to your guidance in adjusting the settings / triggers to revive the past functionality.  Thanks.

Ramraj Raghuvanshi

Hi We have added Notes tab in the player which works fine. We want to add a feature where the notes are highlighted in sync with narration, i.e. the words are highligted when these are spoken. I have seen this feature in Zoom recordings where the generated audio transcript is highlighted as the speakers speak and similarly in Coursera eLearning courses. Is that something possible in SL?