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Paul Deschamps

Hi Anne,

Just open the Player from the Home ribbon.  When it's open you'll see a "resources" link at the top toward the left (with the paper clip icon).  When you do that it will change the window in the Player Properties to say "Click here to start adding resources...".  Do that and it will open another small window where you can add URLs and documents.


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Tom, 

Great question! Since you're using custom buttons on your slide, you won't be able to trigger the player resources tab to open, but what you can do is trigger a lightbox slide to open when the button is clicked. Triggering resources to be displayed in a lightbox causes whichever slide you choose to appear in a box over the current slide. In other words, the learner won't lose his or her place in the course if they want to open the resources lightbox.

Here's an example of Using Lightbox Slides as Course Resources in Articulate Storyline, in case you're interested. :)