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Matthew Bibby

Hey Paul. You can add a reference to your Slide Master (e.g., %SlideID%) and then have a trigger on each slide that reads Set SlideID equal to 1 when the timeline starts

Then when the review is finished, you just edit the Slide Master and remove the %SlideID% reference and you'll be good to go. Hope that helps.

Matthew Bibby

I know what you mean Paul, I also was originally looking for an automated solution, but unfortunately if you set up a trigger like 'Add 1 to SlideID' you'll end up having pages counted multiple times if they are viewed more than once.

I find it is easiest to add the SlideID's in at the end of the build, then I just copy and paste the trigger to all of the slides and go through and quickly update the numbers. It really doesn't take too long.

That being said, an automated solution would be good. I imagine it is possible with javascript...

Philippe JEANTY

Any easier solution if there are several hundred slides? I would be happy with just an id# that could be turned on our off in the master template, nicer to have chapter and slide I'd but not having to see hundreds of slides would be a good trade off. Just a number that could be searched on.


Philippe JEANTY

That sounds good. I just cut from your presentation and paste on the master in mine, but there are some differences: in your presentation i can do a scene preview and the slide number appear but not in mine, all i get is the text string: Slide #%slideNum%

Is there anything else i should have added or done ?

Now if i send this to a outside reviewer and they find an error on slide 387, how can i search in my presentation which is slide 387 ?

Paul DeHorn

For review, I now just display the Menu and set the number entries to appear. This labels all the menu items with the slide numbers and provides reference numbers for my SME reviewers. 

Player Properties>Menu>Menu Options>Number entries in the menu automatically (see attachment). 

For my interactive courses, the scenes are sometimes out of order and then the numbering is also out of order. But each slide still has a reference number. When this bothers me, I just re-order my scenes until the numbering on the menu is in order.

Wendy Farmer

DId you create the slideNum variable Philippe?

I don't know if they can search for the slide number - Paul's idea about numbering the menu is probably better.

Set the menu to be in the left sidebar so the reviewer can quickly move between slides and add the number to the menu items.

Philippe JEANTY

Oops no i had not !

But indeed neither system really is practical: adding a variable to each slide or incrementing it is too time-consuming for the value obtained. I was hoping for some intrinsic slide number assigned by SL (which i suppose there is as you can hyperlink to a slide independent of its name or position in the story) and use that identifier. Any alphanumeric string would be good as long as it is unique and immutable. So that the reviewer could say: "slide 232wh8" has a problem and i could search that ID and edit it. The alternative is to do a screenshot and scribble corrections on the screen shot :)