How do I add two decimals to a trigger condition value?

Nov 19, 2014

Hi all,

In the course I am developing, I am using eight numeric entry boxes, in which participants need to enter a numeric value with two decimals. I want to add trigger conditions to these values, so the feedback slide with the correct answers will only appear when all eight numbers have been entered correctly. But now I'm having difficulties with adding the two decimals when I add the trigger condition value in the wizard:

When I enter the value with two decimals to the value box (for example 4.19) and click on 'OK', the value changes back to 4,00.

In the sidebar on the right, I am able to add decimals, see below:

But since only the first three values are visible, I am not able to add decimals to the other five values. I have already re-installed Articulate Storyline but that didn't make a difference. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Nienke Verdonk

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your reply!

I am working locally and I have reinstalled Storyline as described. I'm still experiencing the problem however. I've just asked a colleague to try and on her computer doesn't work either. I've attached the slide below, could you take a look? Thanks in advance!

Nienke Verdonk

Hi Emily,

Thanks for checking! I'm using a Dutch version of Windows, and since the comma in Dutch is the same as the decimal point in English and the other way around, this might indeed be the problem. I've already changed the region setting in Windows to the US, do you have any advice what I should do next?

Thanks again!

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