How do I assign my points when using a text-box question


I am assigning a value of 10 points for a correct question in storyline 2. I can assign the points in all question types except for the text box question.

Normally, I adjust variable when clicking submit if... and select the correct boxes that need to be clicked (when doing multiple choice).

How do I do the same when entering in a single answer?

I've attached a picture of what I use and what I feel should be correct but for whatever reason it is not working for me.

Please help! Thanks

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Michael Kain

For whatever reason I can't upload the story file.
Maybe I can explain it a little better :
I have a running number variable that increases every time a user gets a question correct.
I am able to assign 10 points for all of the multiple choice questions by saying : adjust variable 10 points when (items a and c are selected ).
For the drag and drop questions or text box questions I don't know how to adjust that variable .

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Michael - Sorry to hear that you were unable to attach the file for me to take a peek at. Would you be able to utilize the adjust variable when item dropped on perhaps? It is hard to tell without seeing the file.

I'm attaching a rough example where the variable can adjust on the 'Correct Layer' that may be of assistance :)