How do I branch from one slide to another?

So, I accidentally created a slide with a menu of buttons on it and then separate slides for where users should go for each of the buttons (rather than making those layers on the same slide). 

As I don't think I can convert those slides to become layers, what are the steps for branching from the menu slide to one of the content slides and back to the menu slide?


~ Sophie

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Sophie Oberstein

What does that mean, "attaches your signature?" and how do you "pop in and
edit?" Where do you pop in and what would you edit it to?

~ Sophie

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Leslie McKerchie

The e-mail that you are receiving is simply a notification of a forum reply. If you click the link in the e-mail, it should direct you back to the forums.

When you are in the forums, you can click "Edit' under your response to remove your signature.

Here is the link to this thread if needed: