How do I create an action that can be done unlimited times?

Hi guys. I'm currently working on a course on LEAN. We decided to include a slide in which you click a BUILD button and a car comes in from the left and then stops in the middle. From there I want to get it so that every time the user clicks BUILD the car in the middle slides off to the right and is followed by another car, which stops in the middle. After the user clicks BUILD 4 or 5 times some text pops up. Theoretically though they should be able to click BUILD forever and the cars should keep coming.

In the next stage I want it to be a different car that comes in each time. Any ideas guys?


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Michael Hinze

This can be done with triggered motion path animations. Here is an (unrelated) example of looped animations. This same idea could be applied to your car example.  You could have two image objects (car 1 and car2) offstage. As car 1 is animated on and off the slide, car 2 follows, while car 1 is reset to its origional position and comes on slide again and so on. You could even add states to the two cars and switch those states, so that for the first loop car 1 is blue and car 2 is red, the next loop shows car 1 as green and car2 as ...whatever. Hope that makes sense.

Jordan Defty

Thanks for the reply. I've done something similar to that. I've attached the project file and a link to the slide directly. I've basically input 3 cars. One is the entrance, one is a static image that comes in at the end of the entrance motion path. The third is the car that leaves via motion path.

It works, but I'm not sure how I can add in different colours. Any ideas?

Link to slide:

Michael Hinze

See attached a quick example of how this might work. I added states to the two cars and (I think) simplified the setup. This should allow you to perpectually extend this build function. You could also add more states and then switch them based on a random number. Hope that helps.