How do I create this branching scenario?

The course I'm creating has two learner paths - general user and supervisor. The only difference between the two branches is that the supervisor has additional content at the end of the course. I want to offer learners the chance at the beginning of the course to choose their "role" in the system and take the appropriate training. I don't want the branching to begin at the end of the general user content. Is there a way to do this in SL?

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Simon Perkins

Hi Eileen

Here's one way to do this:

  • Menu slide > ask learner for their role, i.e. general or supervisor.  Assign this to a variable, e.g. role.
  • Learner goes through the core of the course that remains the same for both roles.
  • On the final slide (or maybe the one after - depending on what happens on that final slide) > check variable > if role = general then finish (or go to a conclusion/assessment slide/section).  If role = supervisor then carry on with the supervisor-specific slides before moving on to your conclusion/assessment where necessary.

The power of variables really is enormous in SL.  They enable you to 'change' the story/course as it evolves depending on the choices/options/decisions/answers the learner provides.

Have fun