How do I download templates directly from content library?

I can't download templates because trying to connect to the content library gets me an error message that I am offline. Probably a firewall or similar security setting issue that will be difficult or impossoible to get changed.

There should be a way to find what I like in the content library (it opens just fine from Articulate 360 but not from Storyline) and download from there.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James, 

It sounds like you're running into trouble downloading the Content Library templates from inside Storyline, but you're able to see them normally on 

You'll want to ask your IT team to look at enabling the network endpoints and ports listed here.

Those are what you'll need for full access to the Articulate 360 suite of tools and resources. If you need a template while you wait for your IT team to help, let me know which one. I can add it into a Storyline file and share with you here. 

James Trotta

Correct :) For example I can navigate to and say "Oh nice template!" But I can't connect to the Content Library from Storyline so there's no way to download the template. A colleague of mine was unable to access templates but could access the characters.

Thanks for offering to share templates. May I have the Quantum template (linked above) please?

I will see if we can do anything with the network endpoints and ports.

Jessica Anderson

I have been working with our IT department since October on this same issue.  They have whitelisted all URLs listed on your site.  I can access one style in the Content Library, but no others.  I work on a Government Computer so settings are very locked down.  There must be a way to get these templates another way!

I tried going off our "network", connecting to an open WiFi, and launching Storyline 360.  I wanted to see if I could pull in a style from the Content Library, then connect back on network and work from there.  When I open the Content Library now it only shows the style I have been able to access all along, it states "You are offline.  Go online to view full calendar."  I am logged in to the tray, and I went online to 360.articulate to sign in.  Same message when I access the Content Library.

We have a team of 30 users and none of them can access.  Some are holding up project completion due to this issue!

I know one needs access to Vibrance.  Can this be sent to me?  More important how do we access in a more sensible way?


Tara Sparks

We are having the same offline issue. Our E Learning team will be working with Articulate Support next week. I'd like to recommend a way for those who have Articulate 360 subscriptions be able to access the full content library for each of the apps/software from your online website. We could download directly from your site instead of going through the actual apps/software to connect into the libraries. Obviously, those who do not have an Articulate 360 subscription wouldn't be able to access the content. It may be the easiest and most efficient way to correct these common issues.  Thank you!