How do I edit the default "Invalid Answer" alert?

Hi guys:

I'm creating an "I acknowledge", 2-slide Storyline "module" that users will take after having participated in some on-the-job training.  I created it by using a yes/no quiz, and removing the "no" option (so it only leaves one option, "Acknowledged"). 

If a user does not select the "Acknowledged" radio-button and tries to click "Submit", they see the "invalid answer" alert which says:  "Invalid Answer.  You must complete the question before submitting".

It's not a layer, so I can't find where / how to edit that pop-up. I'd like to slightly modify the wording to remove the "answer" text and change the verbiage to something like "you must acknowledge before continuing" or something like that.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Paul Zamora

Thanks for the information, but this is a definite fix for the new version or update. The work around seems is fine when you are working on a small course with just a few questions to fix, but on a 2 hour course with 3 knowledge checks of 10 questions each and 5 section reviews with multiple review questions, this work around becomes very tedious; not to mention this course I am working on now goes into 20 other languages, you can see how this adds hours and cost to my projects. (C'est la vie)

Christopher Robinson-Keys

Thanks Rebecca. Jeanette did a great job with the video, but my invalid message box wasn't working. Then I checked out your example and realized that I had to tweak things just slightly for the True/False question.  Thanks so much for posting your info here, MUCH appreciated. :-)

Olivier Hanoun

Hi Ashley, that is clever, but has it been tested on HTML5?

On my side, it works fine with Flash, but with HTML5 there is like a little bug that I do not understand.

I have a multiple choice question. I select one item and I submit. For not even one second I can see on the screen the "invalid answer" layer that appears just before moving to the next slide.

Is that something you've already heard?


Elliott Brown

I hope I didnt miss the answer to this. But is there a way to set the  Invalid Answer to toggle between languages? I am creating a module in English and Spanish, and the English "Invalid Answer" pops up when they don't answer the question. If I change it to Spanish, then on the english version it will pop up in English. Would be great to be able to toggle or just turn it off. Advice??  :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Elliott

the default Invalid Answer is edited through the player options but this will only change it for the module - it won't give you the toggle effect you want between languages. I assume you are using a variable to detect which language the user chooses at the beginning of the module? If so you could create a customised invalid feedback layer that has two states English and Spanish and then use the language variable in a trigger to display the correct state.

Hope that makes sense.

I've attached the SL player colours pdf that shows how to customise the default popup

Here is a quick rough sample I've only worked on customising the invalid feedback layer not the correct/incorrect layers.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elliot,

As Wendy showed that setting is controlled from the player text labels, and those are a full course setting so you won't be able to modify it during the course based on a variable or similar that a user selected to choose their language, so you'll want to look at the example shared for how you could make a custom layer to override this. 

Lewis Ward


Does anyone know if you can turn off the Invalid Answer feedback? I have a custom next button as well as custom correct and incorrect feedback, on a matching drag and drop slide.  

I think a custom layer would only work for questions where you select and answer rather than drag and drop.

I have tried deleting all SL feedback on the master slides and removing the text labels but i still have an "OK" button and information text, when i click the next button before completing the question.

I simply want nothing to happen if the user tries to click next, as if it is disabled until they've completed the question. 

Any ideas are welcome. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lewis! 

Sounds like you understand the options shared in this thread and how to modify the feedback.

I'd take a look at the solution explained in this video and if you did not want the user to 'see' anything, you could have a close layer trigger happen when the timeline starts on the layer.

Hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and help you out with your design though.