How do I edit the geometric shape of a Text Entry Field OR use a Shape with text inside as a Text Entry Field?

Apr 30, 2020

I'm trying to making my Text Entry Fields look a little more polished by adding a small fillet (radius) to the corners.  It doesn't look like I can change the shape of a default Text Entry Field object (although I'd love to be proven wrong here).

I also tried to re-implement a Text Entry Field by creating a Shape with the geometry I wanted (rounded corner rectangle), then setting up a Trigger to set the value of a variable equal to 'the typed value' when the shape loses focus but it looks like I can't actually select that as an option either.

Any help here?  For the Articulate/Storyline folks if this isn't possible, know that your customers could be doing some REALLY cool stuff if you opened up a few more tools/variables like this.  If I had some more control over the 'bare metal' of your tools, I could be building some really awesome stuff.

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