How do I embed a Word doc inside Storyline 2?

I'm designing a course and we have a couple of Word documents that we want people to be able to access (& poss save local copy)from within it. They need to open in Word and be available offline (hence embedded inside the publish file rather than simply linking to a doc on our network).

Any help gratefully received.

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Chris Undery

Thanks Ashley that sounds like a perfect solution. However I've had a go and can't get it to work. I've added the two files to the resources area, temporarily turned on the resource link at the top of the player and checked that they open (they do) but when I come to add the hyperlink to the text on the specific slide and test it, it comes up with 'Invalid url or file not found'

I've published the file and can see that both the word docs are in the output and am now stuck on what to do. I'd upload the story file for you to look at but its got company data in it so can't do that unless I can share it privately.



Chris Undery

Thanks Phil, I've just tested it and it works. Key learning points for me here are:

  • Use the 'resources' section and link to documents from there rather than potentially uploading multiple times for use on a variety of slides
  • Resource tab needs to be visible in the player (at least in one slide) otherwise it doesn't work
  • Can only test that they work by hosting on web (upload to our LMS for me)

I'm going to see if I can make the resources tab 'invisible' as I don't really want the learners to be able to see it. If I can't then I'll live with it being there. As usual this community comes up trumps and am so glad we choose Storyline as our new authoring tool.

Chris Undery

I think I've got it how I want it now. I've left the resource as not visible in the main player controls and have added a new slide that the learner will not be able to access. In that slide I've turned on the resources tab so that it is published and will upload and test in our LMS.

To ensure completion is still registered properly I've also changed the number of slides that need to be viewed to take account of the extra 'invisible' one.

Chris Undery

Thanks both. I checked that the story_content folder was there when I didn't have the resources tab activated and it was (hence my surprise that it didn't work) but thanks to you I've got a way of doing it now. FYI, I've created an internal Yammer support group for those in my company who use Storyline 2 and have linked to this thread as it gives everyone a working and common solution we can all use.