How do I find out about the weekly E-Learning Heroes Challenges in a timely fashion?

Hello, All.  I am new to the community and the field and I am seeking some newbie navigational guidance.  I watched an excellent how to build an online portfolio webinar featuring Ashley Chiasson (thanks, Ashley, for all the great info.!) earlier this week, and that's how I learned about the E-Learning Heroes Challenges.  I've since looked up the challenges twice (on Thursday and again on Saturday i.e. yesterday).  I thought the current challenge was Two Lies and a Truth.  I just went to review the info. and I realized the current challenge is actually Grabbing Attention and Motivating Learners in E-Learning #93.  My question:  since there are no dates attached to the Challenges, what is the best way to get dialed in so I am correctly understanding what the current challenge is and the time frame for submitting for same?  Thank you for any insight you can provide!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

if you select the learn menu at the top of the screen and then 'elearning challenges' you will see the latest one posted and a list of all previous challenges.  You can enter a story to any of the challenges not just the current one. From memory David posts them on a Friday (but don't hold me to it).  Hope this helps.


You can bookmark the page, but there isn't a subscribe link on the page.