How do I fix the cmi.core.exit status in Articulate Storyline

Jul 12, 2018

I am having issues with a module being completed successfully by a learner but then Saba not recognising it and marking it as complete. I have asked Saba and this is their response:

"I checked the content communication log and the last message the content sends to Saba before exiting is the following:

Command Received = LMSCommit
Data sent by content to Saba LMS:
cmi.core.lesson_status = passed
cmi.core.lesson_location =
cmi.core.exit = suspend
cmi.core.score.raw = 84.21
cmi.core.score.max = 100
cmi.core.score.min = 0

The issue here is the "cmi.core.exit = suspend" message - this is what is preventing the class from being completed. The content is telling Saba that the attempt is to be suspended rather than completed. Saba is therefore not marking the class as complete, because it is expecting the learner to resume the content at a later date."

How do I fix the cmi.core.exit status in Articulate Storyline?

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