How do I get a video and audio recording to play at the same time in Storyline?


Very new to Storyline; but liking the software.  I've recorded a video and separately recorded the audio (thru Storyline). My goal is to have the audio and video play at the same time. How can i do this?  If recording both separately is not an option, is there functionality to record both audio and video at the same time in Storyline, and make edits from there? 

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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Crystal Horn

Hello Saubert!  Glad to hear you're liking Storyline :)

When you're creating a screen recording in Storyline, you can choose to record audio at the same time.

If you need to record those media separately, that's cool, too!  Based on how you want your media to start, you can set triggers to play both the screen recording and the audio at the same time.  The only issue you might face is those files becoming out of sync if the user pauses the video or the timeline, for example.

Do you also have Replay installed on your computer?  If so, you can use that program to combine both your video and your audio into one file and bring that single file back into Storyline.

Since you've done your recording in Storyline, you can export the screen recording and the audio files.  When you open a new project in Replay, simply bring those 2 files in, sync them the way you'd like, and publish.  Replay will create a single .mp4 file that you can bring into Storyline with your video and audio in one piece.

I hope that gives you a couple of options to get your audio and video matched up in your projects!