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Brian Allen

Without seeing your .story file it's difficult to say, but if it's a quiz-type interaction, it should be automatic as long as you have a results slide.

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If it's a custom interaction, and you have a variable value attached to the button that you want to send to your LMS, it's a little more involved, but here are detailed steps for how to send that custom variable data to your LMS. I've used this method multiple times and it works reliably... 

Brian Allen

Ok, if you're confident that the radio buttons all have their own variables, you'll want to follow the instructions here on sending custom variable data to your LMS - https://articulate.com/support/article/Storyline-360-How-to-Send-the-Value-of-a-Variable-to-an-LMS

Warning here... In many LMSs, this can be hard data to pull in a report, due to how the data gets stored in your LMS.

In some LMSs  you'll see the data in the activity details for each learner, but often the data gets stored in your LMS database as XML and normal reports will not pull it. At my last job we had to pay a contractor to create some custom reports to pull this data.

Hope this helps