How do I highlight multiple boxes once selected?

Jul 06, 2015

I have 6 boxes that I want learners to click on before the next button is available. I have tried to put a box that highlights each box by placing a red border around it once selected as I found learners forgetting which boxes they had selected. 

Unfortunately I am struggling to achieve this, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the slide in question.



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Alex Karpov

Hi Ren!

First of all delete in the future video from storyfile 'cause it's size 143 Mb! And I had slow internet today so was downloaded it for almost half an hour)))

So, what shell you do:

1. Those picture crop in Photoshop or use SL crop in format menu that each pictures were separate.

2. Create for this picture new state (for example Selected) and add in Format line border and choose it color/size.

3. Add to this picture trigger to show some layer

4. Add button NEXT and make it hidden

5. Add trigger to NEXT button change it state to normal when all 6 pictures are selected

Only problem that can happen is that people can visit one video even number of times and it won't be selected. So you have choice add a transparent shape on your picture that will appears after you visit layer of this picture or add variables.

Check attached file!

Cheers mate!

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