How do I in an easy and safe way translate a Storyline productions into Mandarin?

Jun 18, 2015

Hi everyone!

I am going to use a translation service  to translate my eLearning into Mandarin. I have done some tries on my eLearning and it works fine when translating to European languages, however I can't make it look alright when trying Mandarin or Arabic. I was wondering if any one have experience with this and could tell me how to do it? 

Another of my concerns is that the exported Storyline translation document removes the English text and that I therefore not will know what text related to what part in the e-learning and could therefor not check if the text is correct.  Is it easier if I manually copy and paste the text into the production? What production process is the safest? I can't go back and ask the translation service for more help.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Madeleine -- I will need to do a little bit more investigation to address your questions properly. In the meantime, I wanted to ask if you could review the following information, as some of it could prove useful:

Translating Articulate Storyline Content (tutorial)

Translation in Storyline 2 - An Example (article)

Translating Courses into Different Languages

Madeleine Canderudh

Hi Christie! 

I have seen the information you referring to and although it is helpful I still have problem with the translation to Arabic. I think this problem is sue to the font that I'm using in Storyline. I don't have the same problem with Mandarin or Thai.  Se enclosed image. Is there built in fonts in the Storyline that supports Arabic?

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