How do I keep actions happening on a master slide continue?

I've created a course that puts the learner in first-person perspective in an office environment.  For a progress indicator, I've put three dials on the master slide to simulate an analog clock (hr, min, and sec hands) and I'm using the length of the timelines on different layers of the master slide (one is one-second long, the other one-minute long) to update the associated variables and move the dials.  All of the slides in my project use the master slide layout.

The problem:  When I pause the timeline on the base layer of a slide, the variables keep updating and the dials keep moving.  However, when I pause the timeline on the base layer and then "show" another layer the variables stop updating.  

Any ideas about what I can do to keep the master slide layer timelines running?  

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Jay Cooper

Walt, I've paused the timeline on the base layer using cue points on that layer.  I've done this because I need the learner to look at at least one slide layer to complete the content on the slide, then they get feedback and the slide ends. 

I haven't tried using lightboxes before.  What is the advantage of using a lightbox over a layer?   

Walt Hamilton

I'm just guessing here. If I could see the .story file, it would help.

I suggested using a light box only to see if that was a way to keep the variables changing. May work, may not. The point is, this is a visual medium, so nothing has to do what you want it to. It only has to look like it is doing it, and no one can tell the difference.

You might also check your layers. If they are set to hide other layers, they may be hiding (and therefore stopping the function of) the master layers.