How do I let users choose how a slide advances?

Aug 20, 2013

I'm currently building a course with about 14 short (<1 minute) videos. To help with the pacing of the videos I have converted them into step-by-step videos with audio narration. I'm torn between using either slide advances automatically or by the user clicking next. Is there a way to let the beginners choose how the slides are going to advance in the beginning of the course/slide/video?

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Young Padawan Learner.

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Matthew Graham

I'm not familiar with an easy way to do this.  You could make a variable in the beginning, one for each option.  You'd have to follow through with these two options throughout the whole thing, though.

If it were me, I would really think about what the best way for the user to experience the content would be and make the decision for them.  Keep in mind that if you ask them how they want to experience it up front, it is likely that they won't understand it will affect their experience.

Josh Uhlig

You could have the user choose a method and use triggers to adjust a true/false variable depending on the choice.  A custom Next button could then be used that is given a state of visible if the value is true, and hidden if false.  This would be easiest through a master slide (next button on the master layout).  Otherwise you would need to repeat the trigger that adjust the state of the next button on every slide it is on.  Not difficult, but time consuming.

Roger Ho

Thanks Matt, Josh and Leslie for the feedback! This community is very welcoming to new users. I'm going to have my testers (3 testers with varying degree of knowledge) take the course with set to slides automatically advance. I'm going to take your recommendations and attempt to create the interaction I was looking for.

Thanks again! I hope to meet some of you in person in the future.

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