How do I link a slide with layers to a new slide?

Hi everyone,

I have created a slide with layers. On this slide I have put 14 circles where each circle have a trigger to move to a slide layer when clicked (in short there's 14 layers).

I wanted the user to go back to the base layer to choose another circle after going through a layer so I have set the trigger to return to base layer when next is selected in a slide layer. However, I need to link this 14-layer slide to a new slide. I want the user to move to the new slide when 'next' is clicked on the base layer. This is where I got stuck. I tried several options but it's not working. How do I do that?

Can you please help?

Many thanks!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Arleen -- Welcome to the community! I agree with Brian; if you could share your file or a sample, I think it would be helpful for others to chime in with suggestions. Please click on the Add Attachment button in the bottom left corner of the reply box, and please note that if you reply via email, your attachment will not appear here in the thread.  :)

Len Lafuente

Hi Brian and Christie

Thank you for your reply.

I have attached the file I am working on. The slide in question is '1.5 Lotto terms and what they mean.' In this slide there are 14 layers. I wanted the user to click on each of the 14 balls so I created a trigger in the base layer where each time a user selects next in any of the layers it will take them back to the base layer (main slide) so they can click on another ball. But then I wanted the user to move on to the next slide '1.6 Ways to play lotto' when they finish (i.e., assuming they have gone through each of the 14 layers) so I wanted to create a trigger to move to the next slide (1.6) when the next option is clicked from the base layer.

My problem is I don't know how to make that work if there is already an existing trigger on the base layer. I hope I am making sense.

Appreciate your help.

Len Lafuente

Hi Katie,

I see what you mean. I thought that the default next and previous buttons would suffice (which you can see when you preview). Wouldn't it be confusing for the user when they can see the next and previous button (default) and then see another button (return)?  Or is that the only way I can make it work?

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Brian Allen
Arleen Lafuente

I wanted them to look at all 14.

If you are going to make it a requirement to view all 14 slide layers, then you will need to create some variables to add some logic to your Next button action.

I've attached a story file that begins this process for the first three slide layers.  You'll want to complete it for the other 11 slide layers.  I've also added a reference on the base layer that (while testing) will allow you to see the value of your variable increasing after each slide layer, you can delete this when you have it working the way you want.

  • I created a variable called "ViewedAll", and gave it a default value of "0".
  • I then added a trigger to each slide layer that increases the value of this variable by 1.  So after slide layer 1 "ViewedAll" should equal "1".  After slide layer 2, it should equal 2, etc.
  • I also added a condition to your Next button trigger, telling it to only go back to the base layer IF the variable "ViewedAll" was less than 14.
  • I then added an additional trigger saying that if "ViewedAll" equaled 14 or more, go ahead and advance to slide 1.6.

This works great, but you will find that someone could easily visit layer 1 a total of 14 times and then advance.  This isn't what we want.  We only want each layer to increase the "ViewedAll" variable the first time the layer is visited.  Multiple visits to the same layer should not continue to increase the "ViewedAll" variable.

So I implemented the following check for each slide layer:

  • I created 3 variables (you'll want to complete this on the remaining 11 layers) - Layer1Visited, Layer2Visited, Layer3Visited.  All with a default value of "False".
  • I added a check to the trigger on these slide layers telling it only add "1" to "ViewedAll" if Layer1Visited was equal to "False".
  • Immediately after this trigger I added another trigger to change the value of "Layer1Visited" to "True".  Now, if the user hits layer 1 again, another point will NOT be added to "ViewedAll".
  • The order of these two triggers on each layer is important.  They must be in this order or they will not work properly.

For the purposes of time, I've only done this on your first three slide layers and set the conditions on your Next button for less than 3 and equal to or greater than 3.  It seems to work pretty good.  You'll want to create the additional LayerVisited variables, add the triggers to each layer (in the correct order!) and then adjust your Next trigger values to 14.

One additional note, I noticed that you have the side nav turned on.  If you are planning to use the side bar for nav you will want to restrict the navigation so that they can't skip ahead on you.

I've attached my updated version of your .story file here.

Hope this helps!