How do I make an object appear when a hotspot is clicked?

I have created a series of hotspots and I would like a hidden object to appear when the hotspot is clicked. Then, when the next hot spot is clicked, the 1st object disappears again and the 2nd object appears. 

Can you explain how I start with a hidden object and then get the desire outcome above?

Thank you





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Ron Price

Hello Matthew

The simplest solution would be to trigger State Changes on certain objects when the hotspots are selected.  Not knowing your specific design or your experience with the tool, I am not sure whether the hotspots are needed or not. As you may know, there are several different ways to do things in Storyline.  Sharing your story here can help someone get a better feel for what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are not familiar with triggering State changes - this tutorial may help as a guide -