How do I make my play/pause button layer show in a zoom region?

Jan 29, 2014

I can't enable the seekbar because I imported my screen capture video as view mode steps, so the tiny little increments of video the seekbar scrolls through are ridiculous. I have to keep the seekbar disabled.

I followed the directions to create my own play/pause button on another layer so users can pause the timeline, but I have a lot of zoom regions inserted into my videos.

When a zoom region comes up and a user clicks the pause button, the pause button layer does not zoom with the previous layer, so the button is cut off.

I can't copy and paste zoom regions into the new layer, so that's not an option.

Any suggestions?


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Sonya Ross

I have about 150 slides in my project, so that's too time-consuming, but thanks for the reply!  

I figured out a quicker solution: I changed the color of the seekbar to the same as the background.  That way, when I enable the seekbar, the user can click the regular play/pause button, but the white seekbar isn't distracting.

Thanks again.

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