How do I make the lightbox bigger so no scrolling?

Hello e-Learning community!

I have a problem that I cannot seem to figure out. On my language learning video game, all of my True and False exercises in Storyline pop up in a lightbox which is too small and requires the user to scroll up and down. This is not the case for any of my other exercises. And it is not good for new users who don't know that they have to scroll (ie they leave the site!). 

You can see one of these True and False exercises if you go to this page:

  • Then press on True and False in the ZuubPath to see the smaller lightbox.
  • But you can also see that on the Vocabulary 1,2,3 and Grammar 1,2, the lightbox is the perfect size.

Why is that?

If you have time, I'd love for you to also give me advice on why there is a menu appearing on the left side one of my storyline exercises on this page ( If you click on the Grammar 3 exercise on that page, click through the introductory two slides and get to the slide 1/10 ... there is a menu there. I can't take it out of the original file even though I have clicked on the Player button to take out all of the menus.

What is that??

Thanks eLearning Community!


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