How do i publish a Storyline 3 video to Confluence?

May 31, 2019

I have created and published (to my hard-drive) a 2-min screen capture w audio. There are no triggers or layers, only a shape that appear at the beginning and end with text on the timeline. 

I thought I could simply take the html file that was created as part of the published package and add it to my Confluence page. I tried adding it by pasting it, and using a video widget in Confluence - neither one worked. 

I assume that I have to convert one of the package files to Mp4 using something like Vimeo, but I don't know which file. This seems like a very basic task for which there should be plenty of guidance. I am new to the video editing and publishing world - can someone assist, or point me in the right direction? Here are the files that are part of the Storyline package:

html5, Story Content, mobile,  meta, story, story_flash, story_html

The first 3 are folders with additional files. 

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Deirdre Sherman

Sorry it's Jira Confluence by Atlassian.

To provide more detail, I was able to publish just the MP4 video file to a Confluence web page. The issue is of course that if I have any content on the video (like a wrapper) i have to publish content files, not just the MP4 file. Confluence doesn't allow folder structures on a single page, so I can't recreate the Storyline folders with the content. 

Was wondering if anyone had found a way around this. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Deirdre,

Not sure if this will work, but have you tried publishing your Storyline file to Video? This will create a single mp4 video file that will be saved to your hard drive and should contain all the components of your Storyline file, including the shapes and text. You should then only have one file to place on your Confluence web page.

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