How do I publish so my LMS will accept the most recent test score?

Hi all!

I have built several quizzes using Storyline quizzing slides, each with a results slide at the end using all questions for the final result.  I published, and loaded each of them onto my LMS (CourseMill) successfully.  When my learners take any of the quizzes and fail the first time, they are able to take the quiz again.

The problem is that when they re-take the quiz and pass, (they get the certificate that I made at the end) the new passing score does not load onto the LMS. 

I asked my LMS administrator about this and he, of course, said it's a Storyline issue.  To avoid a game of LMS/Authoring Tool Tennis... can someone who has some experience with Trivantis' LMS, "CourseMill" help me with this?

Thank you!!


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