How do I reconcile optional branching questions in a result slide?

So I have a series of multiple choice questions tied to a results slide at the end of the activity. The result slide requires 100% to pass. Three of my questions, however, are connected to a non-scored pick one question, so that based on the switch, the learner only sees one question of the set (question A, B, or C).

My question is how do I reconcile these questions against the result slide? My first instinct would be to have the switch "push" the correct answers into the unseen questions, so that the results slide doesn't have to know anything about the branching, but I'm not quite sure how to do that.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Greg Edwards

So here's how I got it working, in case anyone is interested. First I set up a custom variable (let's call it q) to track the branching question outcome. I added a trigger to the Correct layer in each of the branching question parts, which sets q equal to True if the participant correctly answers the question or False if the participant incorrectly answers the question. And then, of course, I wired up all the logic to move through the branches. Immediately past the branching question, I added a common T/F quiz slide and added a trigger to read q, select the True or False choice accordingly, and then jump onto the next slide. Finally in my results slide, I only track the T/F proxy question (not the branching questions). Seems to work great.