How do I record short answer questions that I can review and ealuate after they have taken the training?

Oct 18, 2016

I have plans to create a training that will require that around 10-20 questions be answered at the end. The questions will vary in many ways, and 1 of the ways that I would like is for them to listen to some recording, and then type what they heard. Obviously the answers can vary widely, and perhaps they may be correct in what they hear but they misspell the answer.. So obviously I want to evaluate personally what they answered, and mark their answers all together. There will be quite a few people taking this training as well. My predicament is that I am unsure of how this is possible. I have looked into making the questions into surveys but when I view the results on Articulate Online it does not specify who answered the many questions, it just notes what has been recorded in general. I currently have Story Line 2 and Articulate Online. How can I record their answers so that it is grouped together and says it was answered by a certain individual when I view it on Articulate Online? How do I create that type of question, would it be classified as a short answer survey?

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Dave Cox

You should be able to create you questions as standard questions, but don't apply a grade to them or always apply a positive point answer. Modify your feedback slides to that you don't provide a correct or incorrect answer. For example, you can create a feedback master with the incorrect response off slide, and then just navigate to the next slide from the correct and incorrect layers. 

This will cause the questions and answers to report to the LMS where you can gather and review them.

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