How do I resume timeline when user is done moving slider?

Nov 08, 2020

I  pause a timeline for the user to move a slider, giving immediate feedback through a variable reference in a textbox. How do I resume the timeline when the user is done moving the slider. The only trigger option is when the timeline moves, not when the user is done moving it. I tried using "loses focus", but that was never triggered.

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Walt Hamilton

In reality, you have to guess when the learner has completed, not only moving the slider, but also assimilating the feedback.  In my opinion, guessing when a learner has assimilated something adequately and is ready to move on, never ends with well-designed learning. I allow them to take a deliberate action (click something, for example) that definitely says, "I'm ready to move on."

Then when they click, use the resume timeline trigger.

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