How do I send a message with a copy of the current slide?

How do I send a  message with a copy of the current slide?  I have figured out how to send an email message but I want to attach a copy of the slide I was using.  Or else I could  send a text file with stoyline variables.  I would be having the message sent to me since it is a survey type of project.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Jeannette,

The only feasible way at this moment is to publish to Word and send the appropriate pages via email, or take a screenshot using whatever your favorite program is and sending that. The Word document won't include things like triggers, the screenshot will.

Anything beyond that, would need to be a feature request.

Always Happy to Help,


Jeannette Westbrook

HI Owen, that would work fine, I'm just stumped since I'm very new to this scripting stuff. It has been years since I've even looked at it. Initially I was hopiing to just send the current window like you do with window.print(); but then I what I was looking at something like this.....

I have a course that has the following variables in it.

FirstName, LastName, Supervisor, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, S11, S12, S13, S14

var player = GetPlayer();
var email =;
var name = player.GetVar((FirstName) + + (LastName));
var Super = player.GetVar(Supervisor);
var var1 = player.GetVar("S1");
var var2 = player.GetVar("S2");
var var3 = player.GetVar("S3");
var var4 = player.GetVar("S4");
var var5 = player.GetVar("S5");
var var6 = player.GetVar("S6");
var var7 = player.GetVar("S7");
var var8 = player.GetVar("S8");
var var9 = player.GetVar("S9");
var var10 = player.GetVar("S10");
var var11 = player.GetVar("S11");
var var12 = player.GetVar("S12");
var var13 = player.GetVar("S13");
var var14 = player.GetVar("S14");

var subject = + name + Safety Engagement Survey Results;
var body_start = Here are the results from + name + on his/her Safety Engagement Survey:\n;
"Question 1 result - " + var1 +" /n";
"Question 2 result - " + var2 +" /n";


var body_end = Please send these survey results to + Super + /n;
var mailto_link = mailto: + email + ?subject= + subject + &body= +
encodeURIComponent(body_start + body_end);
win =, emailWin);