How do I set variables to show a feedback layer, after a certain number of tasks have been completed?

Aug 04, 2016

Hi all,

I'm sure this is really obvious and Im being really blind, but I have built a very simple game in Storyline, and Im struggling with the final stage - which is a conclusion slide layer, that shows the results of the game. The player has to click the boxes, answer the questions and then after all the boxes have been clicked and the questions answered, a feedback page should appear - but Im struggling to get this to appear. I think something has gone wrong with my variables - I set up conditions but I am struggling with how I get the final conclusion slide to appear - is there something I am missing that needs to be done?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Tracy Parish

It depends on what variables and triggers you have set up.  If you can share your file or at least a screen shot of the final slide that might help.

First thing to check is if you think you have all the right triggers in place, check their order.  Make sure you have things happening first at the top of the list.  Another thing to check is to open the the variable panel (where you create a variable) and check on where they have each been used.  Maybe you used the wrong one in a trigger.  Easily done if you have many created.

Garry Osmundsen-Little

Hi Tracy

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. I have attached what Im trying to do, so hopefully that shows things a bit better.

Basically once they have clicked on all the boxes, answered all 5 questions, the next layer they should see should be the results slide. But Im having a bit of trouble achieving this, as you can see. Any help or pointers on where I might have gone wrong would be fab!

Thank you

Garry Osmundsen-Little

Hi again

If you play the game, you click on the final box (any box you have left) and you should be presented with a question, before the final congratulations layer, however when you click on the box for some reason, you are taken straight to the final congratulations layer, without being presented with a question. Do you know why that might be happening please? Might I have set a variable up incorrectly? Sorry if Im being dense, Im still fairly new to Storyline :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tamsin,

Ah, now I see it - I was being the dense one! Since you're tracking it by the visited state of each box, once the user clicks on it it counts as visited and therefore goes to your final layer. You may want to instead track how many they've done by a variable on each individual question slide or the state of your continue buttons on the individual question slide. Hope that helps clarify! 

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