How do I simulate two people having a conversation?


I am building a course and I would like to simulate two people having a conversation. I want to make it interactive so that learners can click on one person and see the question he asks. Then they click on the other person and see her answer. Then you see a new question, and a new answer, and so on to show a total of four question and answer sets. 

How would I do this using Articulate Storyline? I imagine it would have to be some combination of triggers, layers and states, but I can't figure out how to make it work.

Thanks, Barbara

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Randy Hill

Barbara, you could do this a few different ways. All would involve triggers. The best way I would think of to do it is to have a character pose for each question. pose 1, pose 2, and pose 3.  You would also have a layer for each of the speech bubbles. for character 1 and 2.

So let's say character 1 is asking the questions and character 2 is answering. Start off with all poses hidden except for pose 1 for each character. Click on character 1 and it causes layer 1 to show. This is the question, then you click on character 2 and two things happen, layer 2 shows , the answer to the question, and then character 1 pose 1 turns to hidden and character 1 pose 2 becomes normal. You then click on character 1 pose 2 and layer 3 , question, shows and character 2 pose 1 becomes hidden and character 2 pose 2 normal. And so on and so forth. 

For Layer options, have hide other slide layers checked. That will take care of having only 1 slide layer visible at a time. Then clicking to a layer is tied to each character pose and it will only be the pose that's visible. Does that make sense? Let me know if you need further explanation.