How do I start? quiz with add up score


I'm not new with SL but didn't use variables until now.

I'm trying to create a quiz with add up score that includes 6 questions. Every time the user answers correctly, 1/6 of a heart shape fills up with red color and he gets 16.66% . If the user answers all six questions correctly, all the heart fills up with red and the heart is complete (100%).

I have the different hearts. How do I start?

I have different kind of questions: drag and drop, pick one, true/false, pick many and text fill question.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Shevi

you could create 6 true false variables one for each question default to false. On each quiz slide add a trigger  if the learner gets the correct response, change the variable to true. Wherever you are showing the heart, change the shate of  the heart to state 1/6 if variable q1=true, state 2/6 if variable q2= true and so on Do this for all six questions. Hope that helps.

if you want to upload the story file happy to show you how it may work.

Shevi Yuval

Still missing something.

I created a number variable.

On the correct feedback master I inserted the different shapes with the triggers (change state of heart to # when timeline starts if correctcount is equal to #1/2/3....)

Now where and how do I insert the trigger that says "add 1 if the answer is correct"?

Attaching 4 slides (out of the 6) with different kind of questions.

Thanks again