How do I stop Audio automatically playing?

Hey everyone, 

I have a quiz slide and I have made my own submit, next and prev buttons. So far what I've been doing on other slides has worked, but this one slide is buggy. 

I have the sound effect of page turns for my next and prev buttons. The triggers work by playing the audio when the user clicks the button, then another trigger to jump to the next slide when that same audio completes. BUT on the correct layer of this slide, the page turn sound plays automatically when the timeline starts, making the slide jump next because of the triggers. It doesn't do this on the incorrect layer or on any other slides with the exact same triggers, buttons and audio set up. 

I've even tried adding extra triggers to that layer such as: pause media or stop media when timeline starts, and they're not being registered by storyline and the sound plays anyway. 

Any ideas how i can fix this?!

I'm using storyline 3 

Thanks, Hebe  

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