How do I toggle 4 (not just 2)?

Hello Everyone,

I have an interaction (slide 1.3) where I am combining a layer and toggling t/f to show a different state.  For example, FALSE = A and TRUE = B.  When previewing the interaction, you must select the "A" radio button first, then you can cycle the up/down buttons to show different numerical values.  You can also use the ON/OFF button to toggle A and b.

I have one layer however (layer 02) where I need to toggle between four choices, A, b, C and d. Is there a way to do it?  I have included a table and the .story file. Thanks for all of your help.


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Terry, I can't view your Storyline file as I have SL2, but your best bet would be to use a variable in this situation. Set up your 4 buttons that set a variable equal to 4 different values. Example:

Button A sets the variable to 1 when clicked.

Button B sets the variable to 2 when clicked.

and so on....

Then set up some triggers that basically say if A was correct:

if your_variable = 1 after the button is clicked (or a submit button is clicked) then show a correct indication object.

Does this make sense?

Terry Arthur

Thanks Daniel.  For what I am trying to accomplish, I dont think that will work.  I have a attached a screen shot so you can get better perspective of what I am doing.  When "A" button is clicked, layer 01 appears as well as "A" text changes from hidden to normal.  The T/F variable is tied here to show A or b when the on/off button is clicked.  For layer 02, i need it to be able to display C and d as well.  Just not sure how to accomplish this... may have to set up something entirely different.... just not sure what.

Terry Arthur


I am sorry to ask this, but I have learned that my interaction that you so brilliantly solved for me is now incomplete because of a document revision.  I have tried to follow your logic to make the corrections, but your triggers are too complicated for me to follow.  What needs to happen is that in addition to setting #2 needing to toggle 4 choices (A, B, C and D), but also does #3, #4 and #13.  Additionally, # 9 needs to toggle A, B, C, D, E and F.  I don't necessarily want to you solve it for me, but if you could help me understand your trigger logic so that I can fix it.  Thanks again for your brilliance!


I also welcome other insight that might be a simpler solution