How do we access all weights/styles for a font in SL?

Aug 26, 2013

We downloaded a Google font to use in a Storyline course we're building. It has various weights/styles and we want to be able to use several of them. However, when we install it on our computers and try to use it in Storyline, only one of the weights/styles shows up. Is there any workaround for this? 

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Laura Payette

Storyline wasn't running when the font was installed. We've downloaded and used many different fonts in the past, typically with no problem. In this case, the font works fine in other programs, like Illustrator, but not in Storyline. We can't figure out why.

For what it's worth, it's this one. Perhaps you (or someone else) could try installing and using it in SL to see if all the weights show up you?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

Thanks for sharing the font - I tried it out myself, and since those additional options (like Titillium Web SemiBold, or Titillium Web Extra Light) don't appear in Microsoft Word, they're not available in Storyline. Unless the font weight variants are available within WordPad, Notepad, Office, and so on, I would not expect to have access to them within Storyline.   If you'd like to see specific support for font weights within Storyline, submit a Feature Request. 

I also wanted to point you to this reference article from Microsoft. 

Laura Payette

Hi Ashley, still having a big issue with this. We've tried all sorts of different fonts, specifically because we want to use fonts within a family. But full font families don't show up in Storyline; only the main font in the family does. Are font families really not supported in Storyline as they are in other design programs/software?

Shay Riggs

Hi everyone,

I just discovered this thread after having a similar issue with accessing different font weights. We wanted to use Raleway for a new design, but couldn’t access the Extra Bold weight.

If anyone wants to see an illustration of the problem, go to Google Fonts and install the complete Open Sans and Raleway font families: Open Sans appears in font menus spread across several different families (Open Sans Light, Open Sans Semibold…) while Raleway just has the one. So they appear to be programmed differently.

Then it seems to be down to the individual application as to whether all the individual font weights are available. Storyline (sadly) works just like Word and PPT, where you get the default Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic (whether an actual font exists or not). Some Free Software such as LibreOffice and Inkscape (along with the Adobe apps) list all the weights in the submenu, so this is definitely possible to implement.

I’d love to see fonts work like this in Storyline (2+).

If the fonts are available under a permissive license (like the Google fonts), you might be able to use FontForge to fudge the font names somehow.

FWIW, I managed to get the Extra Bold working by installing precisely FOUR fonts from those available (Regular, Italic, ExtraBold, ExtraBold Italic) and it seems to work fine. I mean, who really needs nine font weights anyway…? :-) Not really a viable long-term solution though.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shay,

I'm glad you were able to find a set up that did work for you - but as you noticed, Storyline is similar to Word and Powerpoint. If the fonts do work in those environments, but not in Storyline please let us know and we'll be able to take a look. If they don't work there we wouldn't expect them to work within Storyline either. 

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