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Steve Flowers

I've done this a couple of ways. I like Bruce's suggestion because it's simple but I've had folks miss a label on the first slide. I've also used a marker to the side with a call to action "Plug in your headset or make sure your speakers are turned up."

The other way I've done this is with a dialog popup within Storyline. I only show it once and only on the first slide.

  • Create a true / false variable called audioAcknowledge (or similar) with a default value of false.
  • Create a layer for your dialog and add background, text, an audio icon if you like and OK button. The OK button should have a trigger to "hide this layer".
  • In the layer, add a trigger on timeline start to set audioAcknowledge to true.
  • On your base layer, add a trigger to show your audio dialog on timeline start with a condition to show this layer ONLY if audioAcknowledge is false. 

This way you put a notification "in the windshield" of the participant. But you don't do it over and over again

Judith Blackbourn

Steve, I had to make one more tweak since I have several instances of audio scenarios and the rest of the training is silent.

I added another trigger on the base layer that changes the audioAcknowledge to False when the timeline ends. Of course, this trigger has to be position after the one to change the variable to True.