How do you back up your story files

Yesterday I lost a story file to corruption that I had been working on for several weeks. Even though I had saved all of my assets, there are countless hours of work that I lost. I had been keeping the story file in a network storage drive rather than my local PC to make recovery easier. I now see that was not the best idea. 

Since I'm sure you all protect your story files as I do, I just wanted to ask how do you store your story files? I have a dropbox premium account, a shared server, and tons of media, but what do you find is the best way to avoid corruption, but still make sure you have these projects saved?

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Gerry Wasiluk

This may not fit everyone but I have my home server (a Synology DS-1513+) as I do most of my contract work at home.

With the server, which is also on a UPS, I do two things for possible recovery needs.

1) My active projects folder on my main work PC is set up to automatically replicate any changes to the server when something is saved to the main projects folder or subfolder.

2) Every night I have things set up to automatically back up my active project folder and I keep 10 of the most recent backups.

I do one more thing--when trying something very tricky or complex, I do "save as" with the current project and implement the changes in the new .story file.  If things work, that becomes the new main project file.  If not, I go back to the previous project file and regroup.

When the project is done, I archive the completed projects files with my client.