How Do You Change the text "Topic 1" on a Storyline Template?

Feb 03, 2015

I want to change the "Topic 1" "Topic 2" and "Topic 3" text to my own text. But I don't know how? Does anyone know how to customize the text here? (see attachment, red box)

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Scott Schudy


The next issue we are having is disappearing text.

We changed all states to "Normal."

The red circle "What is Elder Abuse" clicks through perfectly.

But in the second circle - the orange circle, "Menu Topic" - the topic "Who 2" disappears after we click on it.

Would you be able to tell why this happens and how to fix it?


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Scott Schudy


Attached is the Storyline 2 file we've been working with.

Is this the file you were needing?


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Emily Burnett replied:

Hello Scott,
Do you have a file you could share here? You would need ot attach it to the post using the add attachment button.

Emily Ruby

Hello Scott,

Thank for sharing the file. I did notice that the 3rd text box in the red what is elder abuse was not there, so there was nothing linking to slide 5.3. Once this was added in, I was able to get the yellow circle to work as designed and show all 3 topics. However, I do not see anything missing when clicking through the topics under the yellow button's layers. Can you check the attached file and see if you are still seeing the issue?

Scott Schudy

Hi Emily,

Thanks for the review.  This may be the issue:  When I keep the topics on the yellow circle as "Topic 1", "Topic 2", "Topic 3", it works fine. But when I change the "topics" on the yellow circle to anything, such as "What1?" and "Who1?", the topics disappear when I click through in the Preview.  Not sure why.

Thanks again,


Emily Ruby

Hi Scott,

When you change the text within the text boxes from Topic 1 to Who 1, you will want to check the state of that text box, to make sure the text is still showing white, and to make sure it is positioned correctly to show up correctly when the trigger changes it to Normal. The state of the Circle on the base slide should not affect the items on the sub topic layers.

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