How do you create a form and have the results sent to a specific email address?

Mar 16, 2018

It there any way you can embed a Google spreadsheet that is filled out by the participant and then submitted and sent to an email?  I need a spreadsheet that the user fills out a list with multiple names, email addresses and logins on one spreadsheet and it needs to be sent to someone after it is filled out.  OR is there a form where they can fill all this out and once it's submitted it can be emailed that is was complete?  I'm very new to Storyline 360.



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Brian Dennis

If you'd like to stay with the Google ecosystem have the intended receiptant of the email set up a Google Sheet, and insert an associated Form (Insert > Form). Responses entered into the form will be saved to the Google Sheet. The spreadsheet owner can then access the sheet and see the responses.

If you'd like things emailed, you're going to need a hosted form designed to email the data. Code wise not super complicated, but requiring intermediate level of coding knowledge. I create forms like these nearly every day for clients so I might be underestimating the complexity a tiny bit... :)

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