How do you create something that a learner can see where in the course they are at when you don't use the player menu sidebar

I have been tasked with creating courses in Storyline 360 that will be used in the YM LMS structure.  In their structure they have a sidebar menu already that hosts some of the course elements.  

My client does not want the Storyline menu to be seen which usually gives the learner an idea of what chapter they are in etc.

Now that there is no menu showing... how do I create something that can be clicked on to show where in the course the learner is currently at? Any ideas?  I am at a loss.

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Judy Nollet

Here are a few options for indicating progress:

  • This thread explains how to create a progress meter:
  • Include a course overview slide that, in essence, re-creates the Menu, and allow users to access it (e.g., lightbox it) from any slide. You'd need to use variables and states to indicate where in the course the user is when they access the slide. If you need to show all the slides (like the Menu), the easiest thing would be to have a "hiliter" shape (e.g., a red box with no fill) that indicates learner's location -- or just the current section they're in, depending on the complexity of the course. That shape would need a different state/location for each item to be hilited. (If you're not sure about how to do that, the Articulate tutorials have info about changing states and adjusting variables.)
  • Have a course-map graphic (like the Story View, only much smaller) on each slide that shows the overall organization of the course  and indicates what section the learner is currently in.  (This could be linked to a course overview slide described above.)
  • Provide info up front about what sections are included. Use a slightly different look for each section. For example: change the color of the heading; use a corresponding graphic/icon; and/or have the section title appear on each slide. This doesn't actually indicate progress, but it helps keep the learner oriented.
  • If it's a linear course, number the slides. (I have a client who insists on this, even when the learner could go through the sections in any order. In such cases, the slides are numbered in the "typical" order, e.g., based on the layout of the buttons. Lightbox slides are not numbered.)

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Jim Million

Thanks for your response Judy... Do you know of a way that would bring up the menu that originally would appear in the player(if I was able to use it) any time someone clicked on a button... such as the resource button placement at the top of the player?


That might be what you are trying to explain in the 2nd bullet... just not sure.



Jim Million

Thanks Judy... I found it and already used it hat way... The only thing is they won't let you change the Menu title to anything else... And since I already have a "Main Menu Slide". this button is confusing to everyone.  I wish they would allow you to change the name to something else.  I would love to use Progress or something like this...

Any clues?  I am not goof with html otherwise I would go into the course contents and change it there.