How do you create your own Photographic and Illustrated Characters for use in Storyline 2

I really like to include the characters that are packaged into Storyline. My problem is thatmost of the people that I develop training for are Service Technicians. I need one or two characters that are industrial looking. I need a Service Technician. Blue Shirt, name tag, work boots. I can do the photography and illustration. How do I get them into Storyline? Can I download or purchase what I need? Thanks in advance.

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Ron McGuinty

Thanks to everyone for the information,
I will be having a great time producing our custom characters.
I am so stoked to have a real authoring tool again. It's not as robust as Authorware but it is getting better with each release.

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Gerry Wasiluk

YMMV, but a lot of the time I find creating photographic characters to be too time and labor intensive and, as a result, something that I can't justify judging clients a lot for. 

I realize this is not for everyone as its a cost, but I prefer to subscribe to two e-learning art services--eLearning Art and Elearning Brothers.

Finding assets is one of the most labor-intensive things to do in a  project.  Anything that saves me time is welcome.