How do you deal with multiple scenarios in Gamified eLearning

May 01, 2014

Hi All:

I'm currently working on a course that is 500+ slides long.  In short, it has some gaming elements in it where the learning earns/loses money for completing certain tasks.

I'm torn right now how to best deal with the following situation.  There are two modules that I'm fighting with and the different scenarios.  I've created %money% to track the account balance for the entire course.

The learner has to select an employee from 3 possible choices, each one is worth a different value.  Once they've done that, they need to select an office space from 3 possible choices, again each one is worth a different value.

How do I set this up without creating complete mass confusion under 4 difference scenarios?

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.


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Garth Yorko

I think I was able to do what you are looking for using states and some True/False and numeric variables.

First learners select an employee.  They are button sets and selecting one employee sets its variable to true and the others to false.  When the learner clicks the next button, the poinst are awarded based upon which varaible is set to true.  Then the appropriate employee displays based on its state.  If employee 1 is True, the them 1 state displays.

The same logic is used for the office.  Might be easier to see the varaibles thatn describe, sample attached.

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